How To Manage Chats On The Go With Skype For Apple Watch

Apple Watch finally started shipping to users all over the world a couple of days ago. The anticipation among the tech crowd has been mounting ever since the Watch was first unveiled, and so far the users seem quite impressed by the final product. Having said that, Apple Watch really needs a healthy influx of apps for it to be a real success. Apple has tried to ensure that developers get properly motivated to make their apps compatible with Apple Watch. A lot of third-party apps have been released for the Apple Watch so far, and it is good to see big names jumping on the bandwagon as well. Apart from Apple itself, Microsoft has seemed really interested in the Watch. Skype for Apple Watch is the latest update of the service, which makes it compatible with the wrist wear.

With Skype for Apple Watch, you get almost the full Skype view. The contact list is there, and the Watch lets you browse through contacts with ease. If you want to search for a particular person, it is a simple matter of typing in the contact’s name or speaking it to your Watch. The best part about the presence of contacts on the Watch is that Skype doesn’t forget your choice of favorite contacts, and that list remains available on the mini screen.

Skype for Apple Watch

It goes without saying that Skype for Apple Watch serves the primary function of displaying notifications on the watch face. It is best in situations where you don’t want to whip out your iPhone in the presence of company. You can always rely on speech-to-text commands available with the update for responding to texts, or there is a list of customizable ready-made responses. The most convenient way to manage chats is to wait for someone to message you, since you won’t have to go through the threads. To start a new conversation from scratch, tap a favorite contact and that’s it!

Of course, the app isn’t perfect yet, and you can’t do everything on it that the iPhone version of Skype lets you do. You can’t make / receive voice calls, and video calling is missing as well. You have to give Skype credit though,┬ásince┬áthe UI looks very cool on Apple Watch and it can certainly get users in the habit of keeping their handhelds in their pockets.

As always, Skype remains free and the latest update can be downloaded from the following link.

Install Skype For Apple Watch From iOS App Store

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