How To Keep iPhone Music Volume Unaffected By Notifications

The iOS jailbreak is pretty amazing. It can offer a lot of stuff that Apple isn’t likely to allow even in the next 5 years. Thanks to Cydia tweaks, it becomes possible to change the Home screen dock’s capacity, improve your iPhone’s multitasking capabilities, and much more. The Cydia store doesn’t focus just on the seemingly big stuff though. You can do some minor tweaking of the OS with it as well. The pet peeve of many iOS users is the system’s tendency to lower iPhone music volume whenever a new notification is received. Of course, you can silence your device altogether to avoid this, but this isn’t a very intuitive solution. For a more thorough and permanent fix, you will need to make use of iFile.

If you have never heard of iFile, you probably don’t have access to the Cydia store. If you do have a jailbroken device though, applying the fix to separate iPhone music volume and notification sounds is quite uncomplicated.

iPhone Music Volume Notifications

Using iFile to Control iPhone Music Volume Settings

  1. Assuming that you have already jailbroken your iDevice, and installed iFile from the Cydia store, the first step will be to launch the file explorer app.
  2. From the main iFile screen, make your way to the ‘Library’ folder located in ‘System’.
  3. Tap the folder labeled ‘Frameworks’.
  4. Look for the entry named ‘MediaToolbox.framework’ andĀ open it. This is the entry that deals primarily with iPhone music volume.
  5. Following the previous step opens a stringĀ of PLIST entries. Tap the one named ‘SystemSoundLowersMusicVolume.plist’.
  6. From the resulting context menu, select ‘Property list viewer’.
  7. Under the property list, look for ‘UserAlert’. Tap it once to go into editing mode.
  8. Change the entry’s value from 0.1 to 1. This means that incoming notifications will have no impact on iPhone music volume. By increasing the value beyond 1, you can even configure your device to start playing music louder than it was being originally played every time a new notifications shows up.
  9. Exit iFile.

For the changes to take effect, you might need to restart your device.

It might not be a source of major annoyance for many users, but the above method still comes in handy for some who are very particular about their auditory experience.