How To Join The LG Trial Program & Get A Free LG G4 [US Only]

You can always tell when a device is not new anymore when people start looking for ways to root it. A few days ago we covered the method to unroot the Samsung Galaxy S6. The Galaxy series has always offered flagship Android devices, but that does not mean there are no other manufacturers making good phones. LG G4 has been generating a lot of hype recently, with the device’s reported specs cementing its place among Android flagships. It says a lot about LG G4’s popularity that there is still a month to go before its official launch, and a lot of people have already been trying to pre-order it officially and unofficially. To boost the anticipation even more, LG has announced its trial program. If you are in the US, and sign up for it, you might win a free LG G4!

LG didn’t always intend to make their trial program into a competition, but it has turned out to be that way eventually. The original plan seems to have been only to distribute the G4 among some celebrities and tech experts. Now though, you can request LG to send you a free LG G4, and in return all you will be asked to do is a task on social media. For example, you might be challenged to tell 200 people about how awesome the camera of the device is, or maybe LG will want you to get some of your friends to admit that your free LG G4 will be better than their iPhone. Of course, we are just speculating here, as LG has just used the term of “a unique social media challenge”, which shows how awesome the device is.

Free LG G4 Trial Program

Apply For A Free LG G4

  1. Go to the LG trial program’s homepage. You will see a written description of the program, as well as a few basic instructions.
  2. Head to the form provided at the bottom of the description.
  3. Enter your name, and other details asked by the site. As already mentioned, the trial is only available for users in the USA, so you will have to enter a USA mobile carrier and a relevant ZIP code.
  4. Once you have submitted this information, LG will contact you when the enrollment in the free trial program starts. At this point, users might be asked to participate in a few challenges to win their free LG G4.

For now, it looks like whoever signs up first for the enrollment program will have priority in getting the free devices. So, if you are in the USA, and are active on social media, try your luck and see if you can get your hands on this top-of-the-line device before everyone else.