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How To Install Microsoft Hyperlapse Beta On Android

Time-lapse videos are not a new phenomenon by any means, but they still retain their novelty factor. There’s just something very cool about seeing a large number of events transpire in a short period of time. Microsoft is no novice at creating technologies related to media sharing and photo editing, as has been made clear by Photosynth in the past. The company is also not shy of releasing services that are a bit out of the ordinary, like the MS age detector that went viral recently. While it is not a new service, Microsoft Hyperlapse beta has just been released on Android and Windows Phone. On WP 8.1 you can install Hyperlapse pretty much like an ordinary app, but the process to get the app on Android is a bit trickier.

For those who don’t know anything about Hyperlapse already, the app does come with a few onscreen instructions. Basically, you don’t have to do anything other than shooting a video and then choosing a speed at which you want to create your time-lapse. The app works on both real-time and camera roll videos.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Beta Android

Before you attempt to get your hands on the Microsoft Hyperlapse beta, please note that the app is not compatible with all Android devices for now. Here is a list of devices that support Hyperlapse at present.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge, Note 4
  • Google Nexus 5 & 6, Nexus 9 tablet
  • HTC One M8 and M9
  • Sony Xperia Z3

If your device is among those listed above, you can proceed with the below procedure of signing up for downloading the beta on Android.

Sign Up For Microsoft Hyperlapse Beta

Microsoft Hyperlapse Beta Sign Up

  1. Sign in to your Google Plus account on your Android device’s web browser (whichever browser you prefer).
  2. Open the following link on the device’s browser.
    Microsoft Hyperlapse beta Google+ Page
  3. Join the Hyperlapse community on Google Plus
  4. Follow the below link and tap the ‘Become A Tester’ button;
    Hyperlapse Preview
  5. Tap the above link (from step 4) once again, and you will be redirected to the app’s Play Store link.
  6. Now you can install Microsoft Hyperlapse beta just like any other app.

You might think that some of the above steps are superfluous, but skipping any one of them will result in a failed attempt at installing the app. Of course, MS has promised to add support for more devices soon, and the app will shed its beta tag within a few weeks as well.

Install Microsoft Hyperlapse Beta From WP Store

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