How To Increase GMail Attachment Size Limit [Android]

While bandwidth allocation to home users and internet speeds have started improving generally in recent years, some aspects of technology have not been able to keep up with this advancement. We do have a lot of email services making their mark on web and Android, but a majority of users still rely on GMail, Outlook, or Yahoo for their everyday communications. While these services have improved over the past few years, the basic features remain largely the same. It is possible to upload files on cloud services and then link them to emails, but there are occasions when you just have to attach some files directly to your messages. Even on desktop versions of email clients, there is a cap on attachment sizes. On mobile variants, these restrictions are even worse. On GMail’s Android app, you can only share files of up to 5MB in a single mail. If you have a rooted device though, it is possible to increase GMail attachment size limit from 5MB to 25MB!

The APK in question is a simple Android mod, and won’t appear as a standalone app icon once installed on your device. Before proceeding though, you have to make sure that you are using a version of the GMail app that is higher than 5.0. This information can be verified by searching for the pre-installed GMail app on the Play Store.

Increase Gmail attachment size Android - APK Install Increase Gmail attachment size Android - App

The mod to increase GMail attachment size limit can be downloaded from the link provided at the end of this post. If you have a rooted device, simply open this page on your phone’s browser and tap the download link. Once the APK has been installed, you basically don’t have to do anything if things go well.

Ideally, the mod should work on the GMail app without much fuss. In some cases though, you might not be able to increase GMail attachment size limit in one go. In these instances, a simple reboot of the device can do the trick.

The GMail mod is available from the XPOSED repository of APK files, which is a well-known publisher of similar solutions. Go ahead and give the mod a shot, because this is exactly the kind of tweak users root their devices for.

Download mod to increase GMail attachment size limit [Free]