How To Improve Windows 10 Text Visibility

On the surface, Windows 10 does not offer any significant change in text input methods. There is some more reliance on auto-correct and the internal dictionary of course, but overall things appear to be as they were in Windows 7. Having said that, not everything is as smooth as you would expect it to be. For quite some time now, Windows 10 text and default fonts have come under considerable scrutiny because they appear a bit blurred in some situations. Even at resolutions that worked perfectly fine with Windows 8, some parts of the on-screen text lose their sharpness. A lot of ways to counter this have been discussed among the Windows 10 user-base at length, but no solution is really straightforward. If you want an almost one-click way to make everything right regarding Windows 10 text, there is an app for that.

The app (or fix, depending on how you view it) is named ‘Windows 10 DPI Fix’. The name is self-explanatory for the more tech-savvy Windows 10 users. The problem with the Windows 10 text rendition stems from the fact that a new rendition engine is being used in the update. The fix simply makes the system revert to the scaling method that was in place for Windows 8.

Windows 10 Text App

The DPI Fix app is really easy to use. Once installed, the welcome screen comes up with 2 straightforward options. If you think the Windows 10 text display in some of the stock apps isn’t good enough, hit the ‘Use Windows 8.1 DPI scaling’ option. Click the ‘Apply’ button to confirm the changes.

If, at any point, you want to revert to the OS’ default settings, simply run the app again and select the first option. The app also offers the option to choose a custom DPI scaling method, but our piece of advice is to steer clear of this unless you really know what you are doing. The last check-box on the main DPI Fix screen lets you create the app’s shortcut to desktop.

Windows 10 DPI Fix is a free app, and as you would expect, works only with Windows 10. Head to the link below, and get this fix to make sure the text on your computer appears as sharp as it has always been.

Install Windows 10 DPI Fix [Free]