How To Import Bookmarks To Edge Browser In Windows 10

Back in the day when Windows 10’s new browser was still called Project Spartan, we covered a method to make it your default web browser. Now that some time has elapsed since then, and the browser has been rechristened to Microsoft Edge, we have seen even more improvements in it. Before one can truly consider it a default browser though, it is extremely important to have a method to import bookmarks to Edge. Internet Explorer has an ever-thinning user base, which is why Edge’s ability to automatically acquire usage data and bookmarks from IE isn’t likely to help a lot of people. If you are on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other web browser, it is still possible to import bookmarks to Edge browser. You just have to go about it in a rather roundabout manner.

As already hinted, you don’t have to worry about anything if you are an existing Internet Explorer user on Windows 10. You will be automatically prompted to import bookmarks to Edge from IE when you launch Edge for the first time. You can also import this data later on with ease. For those switching from other browsers, the below steps can populate your bookmarks collection on MS Edge.

Import Bookmarks to Edge from Chrome or Firefox

  1. Open your old browser’s main bookmarks folder. You can also choose to import only a subset of your bookmarks. In either case, make sure you select all the desired bookmarks.
  2. Drag and drop the bookmarks on to your Windows 10 desktop, or any distinct (and separate) folder of your choice.
  3. Open the ‘C’ drive on your computer. If your OS is installed on any other drive, open that one.
  4. Under the ‘Users’ section, locate the name of your system’s main admin account and open its folder.
  5. Locate the folder named ‘favorites’ and open it. In short, the path for this folder becomes as follows (assuming the system drive to be ‘C’ and your account name to be ‘hamza’).
  6. Copy all the bookmarks you saved in step 2 to the location accessed in the previous step.
  7. Close this folder after making sure that all the bookmarks have been copied successfully.

Close MS Edge and reopen it after a few seconds. You should see all of your bookmarks under the ‘Favorites’ tab of Edge. We are sure MS will make it easier to import bookmarks to Edge before Windows 10’s final release, but the current method isn’t too difficult either, and shouldn’t hinder users from making Edge their default choice.