How To Hide Open Chrome Tabs With A Single Click

You can argue that Google Chrome’s UI has been copied to some extent by all major web browsers in the past few years. There was a time when Chrome had the best interface among its competitors, but the field has been leveled now. So what still makes Chrome the first choice of many tech-savvy users? There might be multiple factors behind this, but one of the major reasons is the browser’s ability to support some very good extensions. A couple of months ago we covered The Great Suspender, an extension that helps you fix Chrome’s chronic RAM hogging issue. That extension was just one example of the great downloads on offer in the Chrome Web Store. Panic Button is another very good extension, which allows users to hide open Chrome tabs whenever there is a chance of getting caught in an embarrassing or problematic situation.

We have all been there, and we have all had to quickly close the entire browser upon hearing approaching footsteps. You might be browsing some NSFW websites, or looking up a page that is banned by your boss. Whatever the scenario might be, it always pays to think ahead and be able to hide open Chrome tabs without actually losing the pages forever.

Hide Open Chrome Tabs - Panic Button

With Panic Button, not only can you hide open Chrome tabs with minimum fuss, you also get the ability to restore the closed pages with a single click. Once the extension has been installed, you will see a red (or greyed out) button in the top-right corner of Chrome. Whenever you want to hide open Chrome tabs, simply hit this button. The closed tabs disappear from sight but aren’t really lost. You can access them at a later time by going to Chrome’s bookmarks section and looking under ‘Other bookmarks’.

Hide Open Chrome Tabs - Panic Button Settings

Panic Button would have been pretty good even with only the functions described above, but it goes beyond this. Under the extension’s settings, users can password-protect their Panic Button bookmarks folder. You can also choose the page that will show up by default every time you hide open Chrome tabs. Other options include setting up keyboard shortcuts to hide and restore tabs, thus taking out the risk involved with suspiciously clicking a button every time someone walks in.

Panic Button is a useful extension, and even if you don’t use it all the time, it might prove to be a lifesaver one day.

Install Panic Button From Chrome Web Store [Free]