How To Hard Reboot Apple Watch When It Freezes

Apple Watch has now been around for several months, and the novelty factor has finally started wearing off. Not that it makes the Watch any less impressive than it first seemed to be, but some everyday realities do start becoming apparent with the passage of time. Now that your Watch is a few months old, it is likely that it might freeze on you every once in a while. To hard reboot Apple Watch if it hangs or becomes unresponsive, there is a built-in method. This method might not be very obvious, but is still quite easy to follow.

In the past we have covered the method to remotely wipe the Watch but when you hard reboot Apple Watch, your configuration and data are not affected in any way. Hard rebooting does nothing more than restart your device via its hardware. Usually, you need to go the software route to restart your Apple Watch. If the software is slow or completely unresponsive though, there is no way but to go through the hardware route. Here is how you can do that.

Hard Reboot Apple Watch

Hard Reboot Apple Watch

In an iPhone, you need to simultaneously press the Home and volume keys to reboot your device. Of course, these buttons aren’t present in the Watch so you have to try a variant of this method.

  1. There are two buttons on the right of the Apple Watch screen. Press the bottom button, even if it has no visible effect on your frozen device.
  2. While holding the button, long-press the crown of the watch. Keep both buttons pressed until the condition of your screen changes. If it is currently stuck in an ‘ON’ status, you might see it go dark. If the screen was already blank, the Apple logo should appear (given that your battery is charged). None of these changes might appear for up to 15 seconds, so make sure you don’t release the buttons before that.

While the method is very simple, you might have need to hard reboot Apple Watch as more apps become compatible with it. It must be remembered that a hard reboot only restarts your device, and is not a way to remove any unwanted installations from the device.

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