How To Get Windows 10 Offline Maps Working

There was a time when Sygic seemed like a really unique and game-changing app for smartphone owners. Since then, a lot of navigation¬†apps have tried to emulate the ease of use offered by Sygic. What makes this app so successful is the fact that it lets you navigate around the city¬†even when you are not connected to the internet. With internet coverage and WiFi connectivity becoming more prevalent, the importance of offline maps has somewhat diminished. Having said that, you still won’t feel comfortable going on a hiking or camping trip with maps that are reliant on net coverage. Windows 10 offline maps are quite extensive and have garnered enough appreciation in the short duration that they have been around. However, it is not the easiest of tasks to get your hands on these maps. Windows 10 offline maps need to be manually enabled and downloaded.

The method to enable Windows 10 offline maps is not reliant on registry editor, or any other similarly complicated source. The option is present within the Maps app, and you just need to know where to look for it.

Windows 10 Offline Maps Download

Enabling Windows 10 Offline Maps

  1. Open system settings, by searching for them using the looking glass icon in the right-hand bar. It is also possible to access this menu by heading to the stock Settings app and looking for it there.
  2. The ‘Offline Maps’ option is present on the main screen. Select this option.
  3. Hit ‘Download Maps’.
  4. Following the previous step will lead you to a new drop-down menu. From here you can choose the regions that you want to add to your Windows 10 offline maps list. Of course, the more regions you select, the longer it will take the downloads to complete. Too many downloads might also tax your system’s resources, so it is advisable to only go for the region where you are currently living.

If you don’t like Maps altogether, it is possible to remove it along with other Windows 10 bloatware. For those who are using Windows 10 offline maps on a tablet though, the app is sure to be helpful. Do give the above method a shot and see if it brings more value to your Windows 10 device.

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