How To Get Windows 10 Mobile Right Now

The first post we covered here at Slash Genie discussed the method of getting Windows 10 Technical Preview on your computer without having to wait. At that time, the concept of MS Insider program with its fast and slow rings was not widely understood. Things have changed quite a bit in the last 6 months though. Windows 10 has been released to the general public, and users can now easily switch between Insider rings depending upon their everyday needs. The story remains largely unchanged when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile. The handheld version of the OS comes with new Windows Phone devices, but also works with a significant number of existing WP 8.1 devices. If you are an owner of such a Lumia phone, there is a way to get the latest OS update pushed to your mobile without any delay.

As you might have guessed already, Windows 10 Mobile also falls under the Microsoft Insider program. This means if you merely want to get the most stable builds of the OS, you should join the slow ring, while other Insiders get all the latest builds of Windows 10 Mobile almost immediately on release. If you want to be a part of the latter group, here is what needs to be done.

Windows 10 Mobile

Joining the Windows 10 Mobile Fast Ring

If you have a Lumia device whose model number does not end with a double zero (like the Lumia 800) it is very likely that the phone is compatible with Windows 10 Mobile. If this is the case, here is how you can update to the latest OS build.

  1. Go to the link provided at the end of this post.
  2. Hit the ‘Get Started’ button and follow the steps to register a new Microsoft Insider account.
  3. Once you are officially an Insider, open the Store on your handheld and search for the MS Insider app.
  4. Install the app searched in the previous step.
  5. Within the Insider app, use your account credentials to sign in.
  6. Select the ‘Fast Ring’ option from the main screen, given that you want to receive Windows 10 Mobile builds immediately on release.
  7. Quit the app, and wait for a few moments.
  8. Go to ‘Settings’.
  9. Under ‘Phone Updates’, check to see if you have a new update. You should see a Windows 10 Mobile build there if all went according to plan.

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