How To Get The Windows 10 Aero Effect In The Start Menu

For those who aren’t aware, the Aero effect refers to the the glass-like blurry look in Windows. Some have referred to Aero as the only good thing that came out of Windows Vista. This popularity is probably the reason the effect has made it all the way through Windows 10. Of course, the Windows 10 Aero effect wasn’t around from the start, and has just been reintroduced with Build 10074. Initially when users found out that Aero has been omitted from Windows 10, a lot of them were publicly displeased. Microsoft has shown with the Contact Support app that the company does value customer feedback, and it is no surprise that the blurred effect has been reinstated in some components of Windows 10 Build 10074. The problem is that the Windows 10 Aero effect hasn’t been enabled by default for some users. Read on to find out how you can enable the effect if you can’t see it straightaway.For now, the Windows 10 Aero effect only shows up in the start menu, but there are rumors that MS will add it to other areas of the OS soon. Also, the effect won’t show up if you make the Start menu go full screen.

Windows 10 Aero Effect in Build 10074

Using Registry Editor To Enable Windows 10 Aero

  1. Start Run through the search option in Windows 10, or any other method you want.
  2. Type in ‘Regedit’ within the run command prompt. This will take you to the Windows 10 registry editor.
  3. Open the registry named HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE
  4. Go to the ‘themes’ folder, located at the following address within the registry you opened in the previous step;
  5. Look for the field named ‘blur behind’. If you aren’t getting the Windows 10 Aero effect by default, this value should be set to ‘0’. Change it to ‘1’.

By following the 5 steps listed above, you should be able to get the Aero effect back in your Start menu. For some users, this might not be too big of a deal, but you have to admit that aesthetically speaking it gives the UI a very refreshing touch. Judging by the intent shown thus far, Microsoft is likely to add Aero to a lot of areas of Windows 10 in the coming builds in the final release.

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