How To Get Office 2016 Right Now

Microsoft’s Office 2016 has just been released, and it offers more than its fair share of changes and features. Lately, we have seen the famous productivity tool taking its online counterpart Office 365 very seriously. Even OneDrive has become a very good way of using Office on the go. Office has been growing steadily, and even has good integration with third-party services like Dropbox. Office 2016 seems to be following the same path. The latest iteration of the tool brings a boatload of useful changes, like Outlook’s ability to sync mails selectively and Excel’s new approach to handling vast amounts of data. However, the most noticeable change has to be Office 2016’s way of working with Office 365. If you are a 365 user, the latest update is sure to be really helpful. Users of Office 365 can even get their hands on 2016 before everyone else, though the method is not entirely straightforward.

In due course users will be able to buy Office 2016 even if they don’t use Office 365. This final (and offline) release is not on a presently confirmed date though. Here is how you can check the new release out if you don’t want to wait anymore to see what MS has cooked up for its users this time round.

Office 2016 from Office 365

The prerequisites of the below process include just a couple of things. You should have a paid subscription of Office 365, and of course an active internet connection on your computer. Any paid subscription serves the purpose, be it Pro or Home. If you have purchased a previous standalone version of Office though, it won’t help you in getting the update.

Downloading Office 2016 For Office 365 Users

  1. The download process is pretty similar to the downloading of Windows 10 on Windows 8 computers. First of all, you have to go to the Office 365 webpage and sign in using your paid account’s credentials. You can go to your account’s main page using the link provided at the end of this post.
  2. From the main page, scroll below the colorful tiles and look for the text saying ‘Install Office on more devices’. You should find a blue ‘Install’ option in this section. Click this.
  3. From the resulting downloads page, read through the terms & conditions before clicking the ‘Install’ button on this page.

You should now be able to use Office 2016 as soon as its download has finished on your machine.

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