How To Force Trigger Windows 10 Update

After months of anticipation, Windows 10 has finally been released to the masses. There was some confusion a while back about the upgrade path that has to be followed to get Windows 10 but things have become quite clear now. If you have a legitimate copy of an older Windows version, the 10 update should show up on your machine automatically. You can even convert the Windows 10 TP to Windows 10 RTM. However, Microsoft will take its own sweet time to roll out the update in some countries. If you haven’t seen the notification confirming the latest OS version’s availability, it might be time to trigger Windows 10 update manually.

You don’t have to perform too much fancy steps in order to trigger Windows 10 update to show up. The process comes naturally to licensed Windows devices, so basically you can considerĀ it to be a fix of sorts. There are no third-party tools or apps involved. All it takes is changing a few system settings.

Trigger Windows 10 Update - Settings Screen

Trigger Windows 10 Update

  1. Open your computer’s stock Settings app.
  2. Go to the option named ‘Change PC Settings’.
  3. Within the PC settings, you will see the ‘Update and Recovery’ entry. Simply click or tap it once.
  4. You have to alter the way updates get installed to your machine. There is an option by that name in the menu accessed in the previous step. Within this option, go to the ‘Important updates’ field.
  5. Choose the ‘Check for updates’ option from the Important updates drop-down.
  6. Check the only option available under the ‘Recommended Updates’ subsection.
  7. Finally, to trigger Windows 10 update, make sure the ‘Microsoft Update’ field is checked as well.
  8. Apply your changes and exit the Settings app. You have now successfully been able to trigger Windows 10 update. Just wait for the availability notification to show up, which should appear within a few minutes of applying the changes.

Of course, after you have tried to manually trigger Windows 10 update, you might see it get stuck. Please consult our previous post on getting the download and installation process to commence after facing problems. Go ahead and try the above method if you don’t want to wait even an hour more to get your hands on the future of Windows!

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