How To Force Resume Stuck Windows 10 App Downloads

Store apps on Windows 8 and Windows 10 have not been able to take off as much as Microsoft would have wanted. Gradually though, they are gaining popularity among some sections of users. MS seems to be taking these apps rather seriously as well, and Windows 10 pays a lot of attention to the Windows Store. With Windows’ latest update, there is a lot of room for customization as well, when it comes to Store apps. Using some roundabout methods, users can change the installation locations of these apps, or create easily accessible shortcuts to them at their convenience. As the usage of Modern apps increases though, we will start seeing more bugs related to them. A few days back we covered a bug that blocks Store apps at random in Windows 10. Another persistent issue is seeing a stuck Windows 10 app download. If this happens to you, there are a few troubleshooting steps available.

If you getĀ a stuck Windows 10 app download, there are a few likely culprits. Your Store app’s cache might be full, or you might need nothing more than a dose of the classic “restart” method. Here is what needs to be done. Before proceeding though, please note that you can stop following the listed steps at whichever point the stuck Windows 10 app begins downloading again.

Stuck Windows 10 App - Cache

Force Resume Stuck Windows 10 App Downloads

  1. Using the Start menu’s search function, look for ‘wsreset’. Once found, simply click it once.
  2. Wsreset will clear the Windows Store’s cache, and force restart stuck Windows 10 app downloads. If you don’t see any positive changeĀ though, continue with the next step.
  3. Open Windows Store.
  4. Click your account’s icon, located in the top-right corner of your screen.
  5. Sign out of the account.
  6. Sign back in and see if your stuck Windows 10 app has started moving, or at least is going through a fresh install.
  7. If your app is still stuck, the reason is likely to be a Windows update bug. To fix this, try using the default troubleshooter.
  8. If the troubleshooter fails, the most drastic step is to reset Windows updates. To do this, enter the ‘Services’ desktop app.
  9. Out of all the entries listed on the main screen, go to ‘Windows Update’ and right-click it.
  10. From the resulting menu, choose ‘Stop’.
  11. Go to the main OS folder, where Windows is installed.
  12. Look for a subfolder named ‘SoftwareDistribution’.
  13. Change the name of this folder. Any name should be fine, as long as it does not clash with existing folders.
  14. Go back to the service disabled in step 10, and restart it.

Your stuck Windows 10 app download should now resume. Of course, if you had to reset Windows update service, the download progress will be lost, but at least you will be able to start a fresh install and a single app won’t be clogging your entire download queue.