How To Fix Windows 10 Installation Error 80240020

Windows 10 is largely bug-free for a new operating system. The errors that have been reported so far are mostly related to the pre-installation phase of the OS. You might get the very fixable “Something Happened” error when trying to install Windows 10, or there is the dreaded Error 80240020. This particular error shows up for many users after their Windows 10 files have finished downloading on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. The users who suffer from this are affected randomly, and there is no particular factor that triggers it. The outcome of getting error 80240020 is that you will not be able to complete the installation of Windows 10 even with a complete set of required system files. There is a fix though, as you would expect.

Registry editor needs to be accessed and edited a bit, if you want to overcome error 80240020. This means that the method can be a bit risky, because if you mess with the wrong entries, you will have to suffer some really unpleasant consequences related to your computer’s health. For all those who think they have a handle on registry editor, here is how to get your Windows 10 installation underway again.

Windows 10 Installation Error 80240020 Registry

Fixing Error 80240020 Through Registry Editor

  1. Type ‘Run’ in the Windows search area.
  2. Under Run, enter ‘Regedit’. You might get a prompt, asking for permission to run registry editor as an administrator. Allow this.
  3. In the editor, expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder.
  4. Under the expanded folder, follow the below path;
  5. Finally, a folder named ‘OSUpgrade’ should show up. This is the place where the error stems from. Click this folder.
  6. You now have to create a new 32-bit DWORD. This can be done by right-clicking any blank space on the right-hand area of the screen. The DWORD should be named ‘AllowOSUpgrade’.
  7. The value of the DWORD created in the previous step should be 0x00000001
  8. Quit the registry editor and look for the Windows 10 update under Windows Update section of Control Panel.

Error 80240020 should be resolved now, with the update getting installed automatically. Thankfully, the error doesn’t affect the file download for Windows 10, and you won’t have to wait for the update to get downloaded all over again.