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How To Fix The People App Crashing Issue In Windows 10 – Slash Genie
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How To Fix The People App Crashing Issue In Windows 10

People app has always been quite decent, and even back in the days of Windows Phone 7, it garnered a lot of fans. It is good to see that Microsoft sees the potential in this app and has continued upgrading it throughout OS updates. With Windows 10, the People app has seen its biggest set of changes to date. The previously covered build 10061 specially focuses on the People app, but it also introduces a bug that leads to the People app crashing on all attempts to launch it. Not everyone is experiencing this issue, but a lot of users are, which is why it is important to know how to fix it.

The solution for the People app crashing issue might sound a bit counter-intuitive, as it involves your removing all your contacts from the app. Having said that, your contacts aren’t really lost, and you get to discover all the new features offered by the People app. So, if you think that’s worth a shot, go ahead and follow the below instructions.

Windows 10 People App Crashing Fix


  1. Go to your main Computer directory, and in it head to the drive where the copy of your Windows 10 is installed. For the purpose of this post, we will assume that you have installed Windows in ‘C’ drive and your administrative account name is ‘John’.
  2. In C, go to the AppData subfolder, which is located inside the folder named ‘John’ under ‘Users’.
  3. Click the folder named ‘Local’.
  4. You now have to locate a folder under ‘Packages’. This folder should have the name ‘\Microsoft.People_8wekyb3d8bbwe’
  5. Open ‘LocalState’.
  6. Locate the ‘contacts.txt’ file and open it with notepad via the context menu shown through a right-click.
  7. Delete everything in this file EXCEPT the first and last lines. There might be a lot of data in this file, so make sure that the last line is END_OF_FILE. It might be a good idea to save the removed data in a separate file to restore later.
  8. Close notepad, and save all the changes made to the file so far.
  9. Restart your machine.

The above steps should fix the People app crashing issue, but you will see a blank version of the app. We understand that this is not a permanent solution and is only meant to let users have a sneak peek of the app. For a better fix, we have to rely on Microsoft for now and hope that the next build takes care of the nuisance.

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  • Windows 10 PEOPLE app caused to crash by some contacts, but not others. I think that I solved it. This appeared to start just after the 1607 Anniversary Update. About 10% of my wife’s contacts would crash the app when accessed. I went onto Outlook.com and then into the online People app. I looked at the problem contacts and noticed that each was ‘linked’ to a similar contact. The linked source was something like ‘contacts on Skype.’ All I had to do was to unlink/separate the two contacts and then delete the ‘Skype’ contact.

    To unlink the contacts, sign into Outlook.com. On the left, click on the icon of the square made up of colored circles. Click on People. Select one of the contacts that are causing the problem. Click on the icon (towards the top) that looks like a link in a chain (it should have a (2) next to it). A drop down box should appear with a list of the contacts that are linked (and also a list of contacts that it thinks should be linked but aren’t). Check the box in front of the contact listing Skype as the source. The main contact (the one you want to keep) should be listed as Outlook. Once you have unlinked the contacts, you must find and delete the “Skype” contacts. Actually, separating them might be sufficient, but I deleted the Skype contact.

    Oh yeah, to delete a contact, find the contact that you want to delete (in the ‘all contacts’ view). Click on the box in front of the contact. At this point up towards the top (near where the chain link icon is) an icon of a trash can should have appeared. Click on the trash can and confirm deletion.

    After the next time your Microsoft accounts sync, you can open the People app and click on the contact that you fixed. It should work.

    You do have to repeat this procedure for each individual contact that causes a crash. I sincerely hope that it works for you.

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