How To Fix Google Chrome Crashing In Windows 10

Most of the times when an operating system gets a major update, all the internal bugs get a lot of press. With Windows 10, the sound problems and the Windows Store issues have both been documented at length. In some cases though, a significant OS update has the potential to have adverse effects on a third-party app. Google Chrome is so widely used that one might forget that it’s a third-party app, but when you see Chrome crashing in Windows 10 repeatedly, the reality is sure to hit home. The recently reported bug with Chrome has been affecting almost all fast ring users of the Insider program. The bug renders the browser unusable, as whichever page you try to open ends up crashed. There are a couple of ways the error can be fixed, and you can get your favorite browser to start working again.

Of course, with MS Edge’s new-found popularity, you might consider making the switch to it altogether. This might sound a bit extreme to you though, in which case there is a workaround that can come to the rescue.

Chrome Crashing In Windows 10

The first thing to remember when you get Chrome crashing in Windows 10 is the fact that the bug only affects 64-bit users. If you have the 32-bit version of the browser installed on your machine, you are facing some issue other than the one caused by Windows 10.

Fix Chrome Crashing in Windows 10

  1. Open the Windows drive, and make your way to ‘Program Files’. You can alternatively look for the Chrome entry using the search function under the Start menu.
  2. Right-click the Chrome icon and look for the entry labeled ‘Target path’.
  3. Under the Target Path field, add the following at the end of the provided line of text;
  4. Once the addition has been made, save your changes and exit the menu.
  5. If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, right-click the Chrome app’s icon on your computer. From the resulting context menu, go to ‘Properties’.
  6. Check which version of Chrome is installed. If it is 64-bit, re-download the browser and install the 32-bit one at least until Microsoft has fixed the issue.

The above method fixes Google Chrome crashing in Windows 10 for now, though we have to admit that this isn’t a very efficient solution. There is a reason Chrome prefers running with a sandbox by default, as without it your security and data integrity will be compromised to some extent.