How To Fix Chrome’s Add To Taskbar In Windows 10

It will be unrealistic to call Windows 10 bug-free at present, but the OS is largely smooth. Having said that, we continue getting reports of occasional hiccups with Windows 10 and some of its features. One third-party app that seems to have been impacted negatively by Windows 10 is Google Chrome. Initially, the popular web browser kept crashing altogether for many users. A fix appeared in due course, and the browser has since become relatively stable. There is now another bug on Windows 10 for Chrome users though. If you are prone to using the ‘Add to taskbar’ button in the browser, you might have noticed that the apps added using it fail to appear in the taskbar. Fortunately, there is a way you can continue using this neat, little Chrome feature on Windows 10.

Some investigation into the bug shows that the add to taskbar button still creates shortcuts of your web apps. The problem is that these shortcuts don’t appear at their intended destination. You have to retrieve them from the Start menu’s ‘Recently Added’ sub-section. If you are looking for a more feasible and permanent solution though, here is what needs to be done.

Chrome Add To Taskbar Windows 10

Using Chrome’s App Launcher to Fix Add To Taskbar

  1. On Chrome’s bookmarks bar, you should see a button labeled ‘Apps’; click this. If, for some reason, the app launcher shortcut is not where it should be, simply type in ‘chrome://apps/’ in the browser’s address bar. In either case, you should see a collection of tiles containing all the web apps installed on your computer via Chrome.
  2. Find the app shortcut that you want to add to taskbar. Right-click the desired icon.
  3. Check the ‘Open in Window’ option.
  4. Simply launch the desired app by clicking it from the launcher.
  5. While the app is opened, it should have a presence in the taskbar, even if you are on Windows 10. To make the move permanent though, you have to right-click the taskbar icon and choose ‘Pin to taskbar’.

The desired app should now be a permanent fixture on the bottom bar. The above procedure involves a few extra steps, but does increase efficiency in the long run.