How To Fix Apple Watch Battery Not Charging Issue

Apple Watch is likely to remain the most highly anticipated gadget of 2015, despite the fact that we aren’t even halfway through the year yet. Looking at the innovation behind Apple Watch, it might be safe to say that the device (along with Google Glass) can become the next big thing, and is likely to take over from smartphones in terms of widespread popularity and use. Apps like Skype have only added to the value of Apple’s Watch and everything seems to have gone off to an impeccable start. Having said that, you can’t expect a new technology to be completely painless for users in the first go. While the Watch has been predominantly bug-free so far, some users have been facing a few problems with it. The most commonly reported software-related problem is the Apple Watch battery not charging error. No matter what you try, your Watch might just decide to reject all attempts at getting recharged. Luckily, the problem isn’t very serious and can be fixed with ease in most cases.

If you are facing the Apple Watch battery not charging problem, the reason can be either software or hardware related. The following points discuss software-related fixes of the issue.

Apple Watch Battery Not Charging Fix

The key is to reset your Apple Watch to get it charging again. This might sound like a big deal if you are thinking in the context of resetting an iPhone, but with Watch you will lose very little data. So, how do you actually reset the Watch? Here is how.

  1. Long-press the side button on your Watch until the power menu appears.
  2. Choose the switching off option to turn the device off.
  3. Simultaneously press the circular dial and the side button. Keep them both pressed until you see the Apple logo on the screen. Let both buttons go when you have done that.
  4. Once the device is back on, open the ‘Apple Watch’ app on the iPhone paired with the Watch.
  5. Head to the ‘General’ section of the app.
  6. Locate the ‘Reset’ button and hit it. Wait for the Watch to undergo this remote reset.

Now when it comes on again, the Apple Watch battery not charging issue is likely to be gone. If the problem persists, you have to recheck your hardware and see if the charging cable has a breakage anywhere. In extreme cases you might have to take the Watch to an Apple Store and let your Apple Genius see why the Apple Watch battery not charging error is persisting.