How To Find The Windows 10 Screen Brightness Slider

Windows 10 is pretty awesome, and has garnered a lot of fans already. The Cortana integration, and the overall feel of the OS is quite comfortable for both tech-savvy and basic users. There are a few things that you might miss from the predecessors of Windows 10 though. For example, Windows 10 does not offer a straightforward way of booting into safe mode. There are some other options that you might wish to bring back as well. One minor yet annoying change is the Windows 10 screen brightness control. Previously there was a slider that let you change the brightness. Now, however, users get a fixed toggle in the Action Center to alter the setting. This has one disadvantage though; if you want to select an in-between value of luminosity, you will still need the Windows 8 slider. Luckily, that control option is still present in Windows 10.

For now, it is not possible to replace the Action Center Windows 10 screen brightness toggle with a slider. You will have to go to the Control Panel and change the brightness from there.

Windows 10 Screen Brightness Slider

Accessing The Windows 10 Screen Brightness Slider

  1. Go to the start menu and access the search menu located in there.
  2. Search for Control Panel and go there.
  3. Head to the ‘Power Options’ entry. You might not think this menu will house any option related to Windows 10 screen brightness, but it has been there since Windows 7 in slightly varying forms.
  4. Inside the Power Options Menu, there is a screen brightness slider. This slider is located at the bottom of the menu, all by itself. You can slide it to any position you want for instant impact. The changes it makes to the brightness don’t have to be applied manually.

The values set using the slider can always be overridden via the Action Center toggle. This might mean a lot of headache for any users who are prone to use the toggle accidentally, since the previous state can only be restored using the Control Panel route.

In future, we might see a default option to bring back the Windows 10 screen brightness slider to the Action center, or a third-party tweak might accomplish this goal. For now though, the above method is the only way we have.