How To Find Last Update Date For Windows Store Apps

Microsoft has been trying to upgrade their ecosystem to a point where there is very little difference between desktop and handheld devices. The Windows Store already offers a nice combination of mobile and computer apps, which is just proof to the unification theme. For now though, things are less than perfect. In addition to app downloads getting stuck, some aspects of the Store are well-suited for mobile users, but if you are looking at apps for your Windows 10 PC, a few elements might appear missing. One obvious omission in the Windows Store is the last update date and app version history. If you want to spend some money on an app, it always pays to check whether its developer is still active. There is now a very simple web-based tool that can give you this data about any Windows app. With the WP Snitch app, you can also download the XAP file of an app to install it to a device manually.

You don’t really need to download a separate app to find out a Windows app’s last update date or other similar information. WP Snitch is always available on the link provided at the end of this post. You just need to paste the Windows Store URL of the app you want to research. Hit the submit button next to the text area, and all the relevant app data shows up in your browser.

Windows Store Last Update Date

The name and current version of the app are available on the Windows Store by default, but these two fields help users keep track of things without much hassle. The coveted last update date is listed at number 3. You will also get the exact time when the last update of the app got published. The same time / date format is used for displaying the original publishing date of the app in question.

Other than just showing data related to Windows apps, Snitch has one other virtue. The service can be used to download XAP files of apps. XAP files are just like EXE files for desktop applications, and APKs for Android. If you have a XAP, you can install an app to a device even if its offline.

Snitch is a useful, little service. It doesn’t cost anything to check an app’s status on Snitch, so feel free to use it whenever you want.

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