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How To Easily Restore Deleted OneDrive Files

Much like smartphone platforms, Windows 10 offers integration with a lot of services. OneDrive is a good solution to any person or business looking to keep all important files within reach on the go. While some might not like the idea of OneDrive’s presence in Windows 10, a lot of people have taken to using the service quite frequently. If you are among such regular users, you must have noticed the lurking ‘Recycle Bin’ in OneDrive’s web UI. As you might expect, deleted OneDrive files go to this folder automatically. What you choose to do with these files later on is totally up to you. The choice of getting rid of these files for good is always present, but if a file was deleted by mistake, there is a way of bringing it back to your account and computer.

Deleted OneDrive files go to your computer’s recycle bin. This makes sense, as a synced folder in Windows is also a user folder nonetheless. What you might not know, specially if you rarely use the web UI of OneDrive, is that these delete OneDrive files also go to the service’s online trashcan.

Restore Deleted OneDrive Files

To restore any file that you might have deleted during the past month, open your OneDrive on the web. Once on the homepage, click the ‘Recycle Bin’, located in the left-hand pane. You should find all recently deleted files in this view. If considerable time has elapsed since you deleted the desired file, OneDrive might have sent it to its ‘second-storage recycle bin’. The link to access this secondary bin is offered inside the primary recycle folder.

Wherever you find the file you want to recover, just hit the check-box next to its icon. The options in the top bar should light up. Select ‘Restore Selection’ from there and you are done.

The OneDrive recycle bin can also help you remove unwanted files for good. In case you don’t want anyone else to see what you have deleted once, just restore the wanted files and empty the rest of the recycle bin using the top bar option.

So, next time you delete some documents unintentionally, now you know that Microsoft has got your back and you can easily recover deleted OneDrive files.