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How To Disable Facebook Video Auto-Play

Adding the auto-play feature to social networks is a double-edged sword. On one hand, a lot of users love the feature for the smoothness and richer experience it offers to them, but on the other you can end up getting some rather loud surprises when casually browsing your timeline at work. Twitter added auto-play capabilities for vines a few months back. You can always turn the feature off in Twitter with relative ease, so anyone who is even remotely tech-savvy doesn’t need to worry about the change. Recently, Facebook video auto-play has become functional for its huge user base as well. If you are getting tired of Taylor Swift songs or cat videos forcing themselves upon you, there is a way to return to the calm you had in the past. A toggle dedicated to control this new FB feature can do the trick.

Facebook video auto-play works both on desktop and mobile devices. There are slightly different ways to toggle the feature on both platforms, and we will cover both in this post.

Facebook Video Auto-Play Setting

Turning Facebook Video Auto-play Off On Web

  1. Log in to your Facebook.
  2. Click the small arrow icon located in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. From the resulting menu, select ‘Settings’.
  4. Once in the Facebook settings menu, you will see a lot of subsections listed in the left-hand tab. Click the last one, labeled ‘Videos’.
  5. In this section you should find a field named ‘Auto-play videos’ with a short description against it. Click the drop-down menu in this field.
  6. Select the ‘Off’ option and you are done. Facebook video auto-play will now be disabled, even without manually having to save the change.

Turning Facebook Video Auto-play Off On Mobile

If you are using the official Facebook app on Android or iOS, the auto-play feature still manifests itself there. Here is how to disable it.

Facebook Video Auto-Play Mobile


  1. Access the app’s settings. On Android this can be done by hitting the menu key on your device. For iOS, you have to access the ‘More’ menu.
  2. Inside Settings, the ‘Videos play automatically’ option should appear on the main screen.
  3. Turn the feature off.

The instructions are simple enough, and who knows if enough people turn them off, Facebook might take the hint and remove the feature altogether.