How To Delete Candy Crush Saga From Windows 10

Candy Crush is everywhere! It has jumped from Facebook to mobile, and now you can’t escape its sugary claws even on your new Windows 10 PC. When Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will ship with a pre-installed copy of Candy Crush Saga, the reaction from the Windows community was mixed. Fans of the game were delighted by the decision, but those who have been hounded by Candy Crush notifications for months found the game to be just another piece of Windows 10 bloatware. As discussed in one of our previous posts, Windows 10 comes with a significant amount of bloatware, though thankfully it is possible to cull these applications pretty easily. You can use shell commands to uninstall many default Windows 10 apps, and a similar method exists to delete Candy Crush.

While it doesn’t affect the system’s resources too terribly if you leave the game untouched, if you really want to delete Candy Crush Saga from your PC, it means not receiving any notifications from the app or having your friends learn that you enjoy the addictive time-killer as well. So, here is what needs to be done to delete Candy Crush from Windows 10.

Delete Candy Crush Saga Windows 10

Shell Command To Delete Candy Crush

  1. Go to the Start menu, and under its search box key in ‘Power Shell’. From among the search results, open the Power Shell app.
  2. Before you can delete Candy Crush, you need to find out the name Windows 10 recognizes it by. This can be done by entering the following shell command;
    Get-AppxPackage -Name
  3. Among┬áthe resulting information, look for the field named ‘PackageFullName’. From this field, select and copy the name of the file. This can be done just as if you are copying something from a Word file.
  4. Now is the time to actually delete Candy Crush Saga. To do so, key in the following command;
    Before you press Enter though, simultaneously press CTRL and V to paste the package name copied in the previous step.

As soon as you have run the removal command, all traces of Candy Crush’s existence will be removed from your computer. As is the case with running other shell commands, you can always re-install the deleted apps by running their EXE files from the system folders.