How To Colorize Windows 10 Title Bar For Apps

We are into July, which is the month when Microsoft will release the final build of Windows 10. By now, we have seen fixes for a lot of chronic issues, but the Technical Preview is still far from perfect. Just yesterday we covered a fix to ensure that your system displays the coveted Hero wallpaper. Previously, Windows 10 has also suffered some UI-related problems. While some of these eyesores are bugs, some are design choices made intentionally by Microsoft. One such controversial choice is the uniform coloring given to the Windows 10 title bar throughout the OS. While some might argue that the white title bar goes well with the rest of the UI, most users miss the old colorful view at the top of their app windows. Fortunately, there is a way to bring the color back to Windows 10 title bar.

You might think that like the dark theme, the option to alter Windows 10 title bar resides hidden inside some obscure menu. In reality, MS seems to be taking this choice very seriously. To get colors back to the title bars, the only option for now is to download a Windows 10 theme.

Windows 10 Title Bar Color

Enabling Colors In Windows 10 Title Bar

  1. Download the theme linked at the end of this post. This theme comes in the form of a zipped folder. Save it to the place of your choice.
  2. Extract the files located inside the ‘Themes’ folder.
  3. Among the extracted files, look for the folder named ‘colored’. There should also be a file labeled ‘colored.theme’. Select both of these entities and copy them simultaneously.
  4. Open the Windows installation drive, which is ‘C’ for most users.
  5. Look for the ‘Themes’ folder under ‘Resources’ and paste the 2 previously copies objects there.
  6. Staying within this folder, double-click the newly pasted ‘colored.theme’ file. Ignore any messages that pop up, or simply click ‘OK’.

Once you exit the drive and go back to the desktop, you should notice that all currently opened windows now show a colored title bar, which matches your current theme. Of course, the above method doesn’t make the Windows 10 title bar mirror each app’s native color. However, the theme is sure to return some color to your computer, if it currently seems too lifeless to you.

Windows 10 Title Bar Colorizing Theme [Free]