How To Clear Cortana Search History In Windows 10

Microsoft has added a lot of fixes and significant features to Windows 10’s Build 10074. We have already covered the Aero effect for Windows 10, which came out with this build of the OS. Cortana has been pretty much unchanged since it was added to Windows 10 Technical Preview, but with the latest upgrade even the talking personal assistant received a somewhat concealed (yet important) improvement. From the Windows 10 Settings app, you can now clear Cortana search history, or opt out of using it altogether. Previously, there was no straightforward way of disabling Cortana, and if you had privacy concerns about it, or just found Cortana to be intrusive, you were just stuck with it. Read on to find out where exactly the disable option is located, and what effects will flipping the switch actually have.

So far, Microsoft has been very convincing in reassuring users that their data and conversations with Cortana will always remain private. Also, MS has always been a relatively safe company when it comes to data security. Having said that, one might make a case against using Cortana, since it will eventually learn a lot about your computer usage habits, and even personal information.

Cortana Search History Options Windows 10

Steps To Clear Cortana Search History

  1. Open the stock Settings app on your Window 10 device.
  2. Go to the tab named ‘Speech, linking, & typing’. This menu lists all options related to Cortana.
  3. Since Cortana learns your accent, choices, contact names, and app names with the passage of time, the option used to turn off Cortana search history is labeled ‘Stop getting to know me’. Click it.
  4. Following the previous step should open a new dialog box. It warns users that they are trying to disable Cortana completely. If you really are serious about turning Cortana off, or just want to clear Cortana search history, click ‘OK’ and exit the Settings app.

For anyone who merely wants to clear the data gathered by Cortana so far, but is looking to continue using it, there is always the option of turning the assistant back on from the same Settings screen. In future builds, we hope that Microsoft will separate the option to clear Cortana search history, and disabling it completely. For now though, this is the only way we have, and it should be enough to appease the privacy concerns of most users.

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