How To Choose The Best VPN Service For Your Area

There are a lot of reasons you might want to use a VPN, but if you don’t choose wisely, chances are that the browsing or download speed won’t be up to expectations. In our post on ways to bypass school WiFi restrictions, we endeavored to compare 3 VPN services. This is because it is difficult to simply label a VPN as the best service of its kind around, as there are a lot of variables involved. One service might be perfect for San Francisco, while another might be offering excellent download speed in New York. It is painstakingly difficult to try each VPN individually, and then come to a conclusion. This is why now there is a pretty decent service named VPNify, which can easily let you decide the best VPN for your location.

VPNify displays a range of providers, and a number of locations. With this combination, users get to see the speeds offered at different nodes of the network being checked. Based on these stats, it becomes fairly easy to choose the best VPN for you.

Best VPN Service Selection - VPNIFY

Though we didn’t find using the service too difficult, VPNify starts off with a very detailed tutorial. Even if you skip it the first time, there is always the option of running it again from the main page.

To start the analysis, select a VPN Provider from the left-hand bar. The next step is to choose an ‘Experiment Location’. If you don’t find your exact area in the list, choose one that is in your region. Once done, VPNify automatically compiles the results and displays them on its world map. All the nodes (servers used by the chosen provider) are shown on the map, with the download speed (in MPBS) inside the blue dot. To view any node’s complete details, simply click it once. The details shown by VPNify include the exact download speed, upload speed,  and the server address of the node.

Since the service is completely free, there are a lot of sharing buttons on its main page. This is how the developers behind VPNify aim to keep the service going. If you have been trying to decide which is the best VPN for your personal needs, do give this neat little web service a go.

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