How To Check Stagefright Vulnerability Of Your Android

It’s been more than 2 weeks since Android’s Stagefright bug was unearthed, but the hype surrounding it just refuses to go away that easily. This makes sense though, since the potential damage that can be caused by this vulnerability is more than considerable. If wielded by the wrong hands, Stagefright can put your device’s entire data and control at risk. Hackers can go through your usage history, and view all the videos and photos saved on your phone. If this is alarming for you, you are sure to want to check Stagefright vulnerability status of your device. While you can try Googling your phone’s model and see if there is any news on it getting affected (or remedied by the OEM), there is an even better option available now. A newly released app from the discoverer of the bug (Zimperium Inc.) can help you check Stagefright status of your device with a single tap.

While Zimperium is working with OEMs to roll out patches for the bug to as many users as possible, your device might continue being exposed for quite a while. The app to check Stagefright status is pretty simple to use.

Check Stagefright App - Home Check Stagefright App - Results

Once the app has been launched, the main screen shows a brief description of the Stagefright bug. Once you have read this description, just hit the ‘Begin Analysis’ button and let the app do its work. You just have to wait for a few commands to run their course, and the results of the analysis will show up. As you would expect, once you check Stagefright status of your device, the result can be nothing other than ‘Vulnerable’ or ‘Not Vulnerable’.

If your device turns out to be vulnerable, the app directs you to go to the official Zimperium website. The service might offer you a few useful tips to secure your device. Even if it doesn’t do that, you will still be contributing to better reporting of the bug, and making sure that in future others can check Stagefright status of their device even faster than you did.

Install Stagefright Detector From Google Play Store [Free]