How To Change WP 8.1 & Windows 10 Mobile Font

Android has long been touting its ability to let users modify the OS in almost any way they want. Even Apple’s iOS allows users to apply themes to their device, or set up new fonts, as long as they have a jailbroken iDevice. Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows Phone before it, has never been particularly strict about the system’s customization abilities either. Nonetheless, since the OS is relatively new, you can’t make a lot of changes to it unless Microsoft offers a default option for it. Slowly but surely though, new hacks and homebrew solutions have started coming to the fore. Side-loading has been around for quite some time, and now you can even change the default Windows 10 Mobile font to the one of your choice. It doesn’t take too much to achieve this, as now there is an app that can help you set any font of your choice.

It goes without saying that the Windows 10 Mobile Font Changer app works only on devices with the ability to side-load. If you don’t have a developer unlocked phone, you will need to create one before flashing this app. Once the app is installed though, here is what needs to be done to get a brand new Windows 10 Mobile font.

Windows 10 Mobile Font Changer App

How To Use The Windows 10 Mobile Font Changer

  1. In case you have unlocked your Windows Phone device just to change its font, you might not know how to side-load apps. The first step is to download the Windows Phone 8.1 Software Development Kit. This tool is available for free on Microsoft’s official website.
  2. Using the XAP installation option in the SDK, flash the Windows 10 Mobile font changer to your device.
  3. You should now see the app as a regular entry in the App List. Simply tap it once to launch.
  4. On the app’s main screen, hit the ‘Select Font’ button.
  5. There are plenty of .TTF files available in the list, with proper font names. Once you tap one, the app takes some time to implement the changes.

The app doesn’t put too much focus on the UI, so don’t be disappointed when you first launch it. The job still gets done though, so we can’t really complain. Head to the link below, and grab the XAP file to be installed on your Windows 10 or Windows Phone 8.1 handheld.

Install Windows 10 Mobile Font Changer [Free]