How To Change Windows Insider Rings & Get Updates Faster

Windows 8 wasn’t as hated as Windows Vista, but neither was it as big¬†of a hit as Windows 7. Microsoft seems to have been learning from the past, and Windows 10 Technical Preview puts a lot of focus on beta testing by users. Previous versions of Windows did have beta versions, but Windows 10 has a whole program dedicated to this purpose. Not only does Microsoft Insider allow users to get a taste of Windows 10 before everyone else, it also lets you provide feedback to MS with ease. For the more adventurous early adapters, MS Insider comes with a configuration named Fast Ring. Subscribers of the fast ring get all Windows 10 TP updates immediately after their release. The slow ring offers access to updates once they are stable enough. If you want to change Windows Insider rings and are regretting your initial choice, it can be done quite easily.

You don’t even have to go to the service’s official webpage to change Windows Insider rings if you are already running a version of Windows 10 TP. All it takes is a trip to the stock Settings app. Windows 10 comes with a built-in option to help users switch from slow to fast ring, or vice versa.

Change Windows Insider Rings

Change Windows Insider Rings From Settings

  1. Open the main Settings app on your computer.
  2. From the list of options available in Settings, head to the section labeled ‘Updates & Security’.
  3. The option to change Windows Insider rings is located inside this tab. Click the ‘Advanced’ button.
  4. At the bottom of the Advanced section, there is a menu that lets you switch between rings. You will also see an explanation of each ring’s purpose and advantages above it. Click this box.
  5. Select the ring you want to be a part of.
  6. Quit the Settings app.
  7. Although it is not a requirement, changes might not take effect unless you restart your machine.

If you have switched to the fast ring, any¬†available but unreleased update will be downloaded. For users going the slow route, the next update won’t show up until everything is relatively stable.

While you might be tempted to become a Fast Ring subscriber, do remember that brand new updates often come with crippling bugs. Having said that, now that you know how to change Windows Insider rings, the choice is completely in your hands.