How To Change Windows 10 Photos App Live Tile

Windows 10 is pretty secure when it comes to protecting users from external attacks, but at times some built-in features can backfire pretty badly. Ever since the update was released to the general public, some users have complained that the Windows 10 Photos app circles through their most embarrassing and hidden pictures on the app’s live tile. If you have fallen victim to this, or just want to have control over what gets displayed on the screen, there is a way of choosing the 5 images that get picked by the OS, rather than letting Windows 10 choose for you.

In the past we have covered the method to change the Windows 10 wallpaper’s shuffle rate. Similar to that method, the answer to customization of Windows 10 Photos app live tile resides in some deeply buried folders. Here is what you need to do in order to change the images currently showing up on the live tile.

Windows 10 Photos App Live Tile

Customizing Windows 10 Photos App Live Tile

  1. On the main Start screen, locate the Photos app. Right-click the app’s live tile and from the resulting menu select ‘turn live tile off’. This step is necessary to ensure that the changes you make in later steps get implemented instantaneously.
  2. Go to ‘Run’, which can be done by typing it in the search area.
  3. Type and enter the following command in Run;
  4. Following the above step should have led you to a new folder, with plenty of sub-folders in it.
  5. Look for the folder whose name starts with ‘Microsoft.Windows.Photos’ and open it.
  6. Open ‘LocalState’.
  7. You will notice 5 image files named Tile0, Tile1, Tile2, Tile3, and Tile 4 in this folder. These are the images currently getting displayed on the Windows 10 Photos live tile. As you might have guessed, all that needs to be done is replacement of these images with ones of your choice. There is a catch though. The new files must bear the name of the file you are replacing. So, it must be named Tile0 (or any number up to 4).

Once you have replaced the images, just turn the live tile back on and you are done. The tile should now have the photos of your choice.