How To Change Windows 10 Login Background

Windows 10 has a lot of new features, but when it comes to UI the changes aren’t too noticeable. There are some minor deviations from Windows 8, like the thicker borders around active windows, but overall you won’t feel like a newcomer when entering the world of Windows 10. Having said that, there are subtle omissions and additions that are sure to make their presence felt in the latest update. One such change is the fact that you cannot change the background on the Windows 10 login screen. Previously, it was possible to choose from any number of images to welcome you whenever you turn your laptop on. Now though, that option is nowhere to be found. Since many users aren’t cool with this, a developer has come up with a simple utility, which serves the purpose of letting you change the Windows 10 login screen’s background.

If you are confident about your computer’s physical privacy, there is always the option of disabling the login screen altogether. If you merely want to change the appearance of the Windows 10 login screen though, the simply-named ‘Windows 10 Login Background Changer’ app should do the trick.

Windows 10 Login Screen Changer

The app is available from the link provided at the end of this post, and once downloaded, you won’t have much trouble mastering its usage. The first option on the utility’s main screen allows users to load any image from their machine. Once the photo has been selected, it is possible to scale it or augment it with an accent color of your choice. Other options like glyph display and username color are available in the app as well. As warned on the download page of Windows 10 Login Background Changer, avoid using images with light colors since that might interfere with the display of your login credentials.

Once you have applied your changes via the button provided within the app, you are done. No other tinkering is necessary. Simply press the Windows and ‘L’ keys simultaneously and you should see the revamped Windows 10 login background.

The app is available for free, so if you are a bit bored with the same old login background, do give it a shot until MS decides that the feature should come built-in with Windows 10.

Download Windows 10 Login Background Changer [Free]