How To Change Cortana Search Engine

If you are using Windows 10, Cortana might have already carved itself a nice spot in your daily life. The personal talking assistant is really intuitive and feature-rich, making it a crowd favorite. People have even been trying to get their hands on Cortana even outside the US, which again proves its popularity. Having said all that, you still have to realize that Cortana search is a relatively new offering from Microsoft. There is still lots of room for improvement. The thing that users complain about the most is Cortana’s inability to perform searches via any service other than Bing. Since Google remains the most widely used search engine across the globe, you might be among the users wishing to integrate Cortana search with Google. You can’t do this by default, but there is a web extension that can help.

Chrometana is free, and can be used by anyone who has Google’s Chrome browser installed. The best part is that it isn’t limited to Google. If you want to make Cortana search via Yahoo or DuckDuckGo, the extension can help you there as well.

Chrometana Cortana Search Engine

Once Chrometana has been installed from the Chrome web store, you don’t even need to configure the extension manually. A new webpage will show up right after the installation has been completed. From this page, it is possible to choose your new Cortana search engine. Since Bing is the default engine, you won’t see its entry there. For now, Google, Duck Duck Go, and Yahoo are present on the Chrometana main menu. As soon as you click the engine of your choice, the extension displays a notification stating that you can access Chrometana settings from its settings menu.

There aren’t a lot of settings to speak of. You can just revert to Bing by uninstalling the extension, or bring up the search engine choices by clicking the ‘options’ button on the settings page. There is one catch though, you will need to keep Chrome running in the background to make sure that Cortana taps into the new search engine set up by the extension.

Chrometana is a useful tool, which really improves Cortana search considerably. Even if you are fine with Bing, it is good to know that you at least have a choice when it comes to selecting a system-wide search engine.

Install Chrometana From Chrome Web Store [Free]