How To Block Safari Ads With iOS 9 Content Blockers

Not many will come outright to say they like mobile ads, but you have to remember that adverts keep many online ventures up and running. Also, you can find some useful stuff every once in a while thanks to these ads. However, you can’t argue against giving users access over the kind of content that shows up on their desktop or mobile screens. There are many growing ad-block services out there, and most have a solid user base as well. A few days back we even covered an Android browser whose main focus was on providing an ad-free user experience. For iOS, there has not been an effective ad-blocker until now, despite a few attempts by the jailbreak community. Thanks to iOS 9 content blockers though, you can finally curate the content that populates Safari in the form of ads.

Of course, if you are looking for a built-in option to begin blocking ads, this isn’t going to happen. The iOS 9 content blockers have to be installed externally in the form of third-party apps. There are many options available in the App Store already, but a paid app named Crystal seems to be the best at present.

iOS 9 Content Blockers

So, here is how you can block ads showing up in the Safari browser of your iPhone.

Setting up iOS 9 Content Blockers

iOS 9 Content Blockers Crystal App

  1. Go to the link provided at the end of this post, and download Crystal to your iPhone.
  2. Once the app has been installed on your device, launch it once and then quit.
  3. Go to the Safari menu located inside the stock Settings app.
  4. You will find a new entry in the browser’s menu by the name of ‘Crystal’. This toggle should be disabled by default, so go ahead and enable it.
  5. Exit the Settings app.
  6. Kill Safari from the App Switcher view.

When you relaunch your browser, the iOS 9 content blockers should be in full swing. You will not be shown any unwanted ads, or sudden pop-ups. Of course, the feature is pretty new for now, so keep a close eye on what Crystal (or the content blocker of your choice) is keeping suppressed.

Install Crystal From iOS App Store [$0.99]