How To Avoid Windows 10 Screenshots Syncing With OneDrive

A lot of people find Windows 10’s OneDrive integration intrusive. This is why we have already covered a method to remove all traces of OneDrive from the latest MS update. OneDrive has a significant number of loyal and frequent users though. Even if you do own a regularly active account for the cloud service, you might still not want OneDrive to be present everywhere in the OS. Fortunately, it is possible to remove specific features of Windows 10 that are related to OneDrive. By default, Windows 10 screenshots get saved to the user’s linked OneDrive account. This might cause mayhem if you take a lot of temporary screen captures. To keep your cloud space clean, and to protect privacy, you might want to turn off the automatic syncing of Windows 10 screenshots. Fortunately, there is a setting that lets you do that.

By default, the screenshot syncing is turned on in Windows 10. All your fresh screens go to a specific folder in OneDrive. Of course, you need to have an active internet connection before the captures get uploaded to the cloud. Turning the whole thing off can be done following the below steps though.

Windows 10 Screenshots OneDrive Sync

Disabling Windows 10 Screenshots Syncing

  1. Search for OneDrive within the Start menu. An even easier way is to locate the OneDrive icon in the bottom-right corner of your task bar. In either case, right-click the OneDrive icon.
  2. From the resulting context menu, choose ‘Settings’.
  3. In the OneDrive settings menu, you will notice a lot of tabs at the top of the dialog box. From among these tabs, select the second one, which should be labeled ‘Auto save’.
  4. In the ‘Screenshots’ subsection, you have to uncheck the only available option.
  5. Hit the ‘OK’ button and quit OneDrive settings.

In future, your Windows 10 screenshots will not be saved to the Drive. Of course, the above mentioned Auto Save tab can also be used to disable or enable the syncing of other media types. Not only does this help with protecting privacy, you also get to save some precious space in your OneDrive account. So, go ahead and try playing around with your settings to get exactly the kind of service you want.