How To Activate Dark Theme In Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 10 Technical Preview is so fine-tuned by Microsoft that some users tend to forget that it is, after all, only a preview of the real thing. Having said that, the OS is sure to come up with frequent reminders that it is still a beta. A few days back, we highlighted how it is not straightforward making Project Spartan your default Windows 10 browser. As expected, Project Spartan isn’t the only area of Windows 10 that is not a finished product. If you are a stickler for uniformity, it must have come to your notice that the Windows 10 Technical Preview doesn’t have a homogenized theme across various apps. While Notification Center is dark, the Settings app and Alarms boast a much brighter hue. If this really bugs you, read on to find out how to enable the Windows 10 dark theme and fix this minor eyesore.

When Microsoft eventually bumps Windows 10 to its final build, we are sure that users will get the option to switch between themes via simple toggles. For now, however, you have to rely on registry editor to activate the dark theme.

Windows 10 Registry Editor Dark Theme

Using Registry Editor To Activate The Dark Theme

Here is what you need to do.

  1. Open the default registry editor by manually browsing your way to it, or simply press the windows key and ‘R’ in conjunction.
  2. Within the registry editor, you will have to type the following snippet;
  3. Once you have reached the above location within registry editor, right-click the screen and create a new 32-bit DWORD.
  4. The above DWORD should have the following parameters:
    Name= ‘SystemUsesLightTheme’
    Value= ‘0’

You have now enabled the somewhat secret dark theme for Windows 10. The theme does not make changes across the board for the system, but you will see a darker hue on many stock apps including Calculator, Settings, Weather, News, etc.

There are rumors surfacing that in the final build of Windows 10 users will have more choice than just switching from a light to dark theme. Microsoft is reportedly planning to bring multiple themes to the mix in future, with easily accessible options to change these themes whenever you want. For now though, if you are using Windows 10 and want to have some variation in it, follow the above instructions and make things a bit more classy.

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