How To Access & Clear Google Voice Search History

Siri was seen as a mere gimmick when it was first launched. People rarely used voice-based assistants initially, but with the advent of Google Now and improvements in Siri, we have seen the niche blooming. Microsoft has also joined the party with Cortana. Google Now’s voice input has made users familiar with this method of searching. The ‘OK Google’ feature makes it even easier for users to access information on the go. Convenience often comes at some price though. With Google, this price can be in the form of your privacy. While Google has never been known to misuse personal data, it does accumulate a lot of information about you. The choice always remains in your hands though. If you want to clear Google voice search history, it can be done with ease.

Windows 10’s Cortana saves all your voice input as well, so this is not a features that is unheard of, although it is not common knowledge. It goes without saying that the history is only saved by Google if you are signed in to your Google account while using voice search. It is possible to review all this data at any time you want, as the history keeps all voice input playable. You can, of course, clear or selectively delete items from your Google voice search history. Here is what needs to be done.

Google Voice Search History Details Google Voice Search History Dates

Accessing The Google Voice Search History Menu

  1. Open the browser of your choice and sign in to your Google account. This works on both desktop and mobile browsers.
  2. In your Google account, go to the History section. It can be found at the following link;
    Google voice search history section
  3. Here you will see a chronologically ordered list of voice searches performed in the past. Individual entries can be deleted, or played back. It is a bit eerie listening to all your queries played back to you from a year back. It can prove to be useful though.
  4. To clear your Google voice search history entirely, go into selection mode and once all entries have been chosen, hit delete.
  5. You can also sort entries based on dates. Tap the calendar icon in the top-right corner and go to any date you are interested in.

Now that you know where to find your auditory Google voice search history, go ahead and see if there’s anything that should be deleted. You can also use the history to review your usage habits or recall some old bits of forgotten information.