How To Access Android Safe Mode

Most people are familiar with Windows’ safe mode, as it is a pretty convenient way out of many sticky situations. With Windows 10, it seems like Microsoft wants to move its user base away from safe mode, as it doesn’t find a place in the default boot menu. However, we did cover a way to bring the menu’s entry back to the boot menu. It isn’t exactly common knowledge, but there is also an Android safe mode, which functions roughly the same as its desktop counterpart. Android safe mode disables all third-party apps and other items installed on your mobile, leaving only the bare essentials. Read on to learn more about this somewhat hidden mode, and find out what exactly it can do for you.

It is really easy to reboot your device into safe mode, but this does not mean that the method is glaringly obvious. Even after learning about it, it took me several attempts to get it right, because it is quite easy to misunderstand the instructions.

Android Safe Mode Access

Rebooting Into Android Safe Mode

  1. Long-press the Power button on your device. Keep it pressed until the reboot menu shows up.
  2. The rebooting menu has two options for most versions of Android; Power Off and Airplane mode. Long-press the power off option. This is where I was making a mistake while trying to access the coveted Android safe mode. Make sure you are long-pressing the Power off button showing up on your device’s screen, and not the physical Power button on the mobile.
  3. Following the previous step will show a new dialog on the screen, seeking confirmation to reboot into safe mode. Just tap ‘OK’ and you’ll be fine.

In the safe mode, you can easily delete any problematic media files, or even apps. Of course, the Play Store remains accessible, which means you can uninstall apps with complete ease. While you are in Safe mode, a moniker will continuously show up in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Once your problem has been fixed, simply restart your device and everything will be back to normal.

So, whenever you get into trouble now, you know that Android safe mode can come to the rescue.