Hipstamatic DSPO For iPhone: Collaborative Album-Making With A Twist

When can you consider an app to be taking things a bit far in terms of trying to cover too many genres at once? This is a question that might come to mind when using Hipstamatic DSPO. This new iOS app is a messenger, a photography app, a photo editing tool, and a collaborative community of people who want to see what their friends are up to. The app’s basic concept is to let users create shared cameras. Whoever is invited to use a particular camera can keep taking photos for a predefined amount of time, and when the clock runs out the results of everyone’s photography are shared with the entire group. You can’t see the photos everyone in your group is snapping until the timer runs out, but you can chat with everyone to discuss the photos while the clock is ticking.

Being from the makers of an already popular photo editing app, Hipstamatic DSPO comes with some very decent photography options. You can apply filters to your pictures before sharing, or there is the option of doodling on photos as well. However, photo editing is not the main idea behind Hipstamatic DSPO, as the app is meant to let users “share the moment” with friends and have some fun while doing it.

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The first step you need to perform to get started with Hipstamatic DSPO is to create a new group, labeled as a ‘camera’ in the app. The defining features of each camera include its expiry date and the list of invited users. You can set the publishing date of a group for after just a few hours, or for after months. Once the end date has been chosen, the next step is to invite friends who will be a part of your Hipstamatic DSPO group. These friends can be invited from your Facebook account, the iPhone contact list, or by sharing the group’s link with anyone via SMS (or any other medium of your choice).

Once a group has been created, Hipstamatic DSPO allows each user to begin shooting photos. These photos can be edited using the customary Hipstamatic filters, or you can finger-paint over the images to add a more personal touch to them. Before the clock runs out, the users are allowed to talk to each other using the app’s group chat feature. The photos can’t be shared though.

When the designated end time arrives for the camera, all photos snapped by each user are shared with the rest of the group. If you like any photo from the batch, you can save it to your iPhone.

Hipstamatic DSPO tries to gamify the process of collaborative photography, but retains a touch of usefulness as well. It might be a good idea to use the app if you want a cool way to stay in touch with your friends without being too intrusive.

Install Hipstamatic DSPO From iOS App Store (The app is FREE but includes in-app purchases to unlock additional photo filters)

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