Here Is How You Can Reboot Galaxy S6 When It Freezes

Despite the extravagant claims of its manufacturers, the “unsinkable” ship Titanic headed to the ocean floor during its first voyage. While we are sure Samsung’s Galaxy S6 won’t have such a tragic fate, it might run into some minor problems. Even Apple’s innocent Emoji update for iOS turned out to have a few bugs. No device or software can be perfect, but when things aren’t going according to plan, you can always go back to the age-old method of trying to “turn it off and on again”. In the past, Android users have taunted iPhone fans on the lack of a removable battery in iOS devices. Now though, flagship Android devices are going that route, too. It is not a simple matter to reboot Galaxy S6, and you might need to memorize a few tricks to do it when your device gets hung.

The following methods will come in handy when you want to reboot Galaxy S6 in case its display has gone unresponsive, or some app simply refuses to let you restart the device in the usual manner. There are two methods, and either might work for you. We are listing them in order of increasing complexity.

Reboot Galaxy S6 Guide

Reboot Galaxy S6 With The Power Button

This method won’t work if a malicious app or process is hindering your device from functioning. For most ordinary freezing instances though, you might simply need to long-press the power button of your device. Holding the power button for 15 seconds (or until your screen goes black) should do the trick. However, if this does not work, try the second, more surer, way to reboot Galaxy S6 (and most other Samsung devices, for that matter).

Reboot Galaxy S6 Using The Volume / Home / Power Combo

This method isn’t really difficult to follow, and is sure to work on your Samsung Galaxy S6. Simply long-press the Volume Down, Home, and Power buttons simultaneously. It is important that all three buttons are pressed together, and held until a greenish screen appears. The above combination isn’t actually meant to let you reboot Galaxy S6. Its real purpose is to warn users about running custom ROMs on their device. Since you aren’t doing that right now (presumably), simply press the Volume Down key to make your phone restart.

We hope the above tips help you get out of a sticky situation with your brand new device.

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