Google Handwriting Input: Quickly Draw Text & Emoji On Your Android

Google has been trying to make handwriting happen for quite some time now. The option to paint text has been present in Google’s search engine for more than a year, and a fair share of users have actually taken to the novelty. To show the world that handwriting is here to stay, Google has also been releasing language-specific apps for this niche for many months. The latest (and probably the most significant) addition to the family is Google Handwriting Input app. It lets you add a new handwriting-based keyboard to your Android. This keyboard can then be used anywhere in the OS and replaces your default keyboard. The Google Handwriting Input keyboard supports both text and emoticons. Actually drawing your emoticons is even more fun than it sounds.

Setting up your new handwriting keyboard is really simple, and the Google Handwriting Input guides you through the whole process step-wise.

How To Setup Google Handwriting Input

When you launch the app for the first time, there are three steps that need to be followed. The keyboard must be enabled from within Google Handwriting Input. Once this has been done, the next step is to select this new keyboard from your Settings app. The app itself also leads you to this keyboard selection screen to save any extra hassle. Assuming that you are going to use handwriting for your default language, the language pack won’t need to re-download on the device.

Google Handwriting Input Text Google Handwriting Input Emoji

How To Use Google Handwriting Input

Now that Google Handwriting Input has been configured on your Android, the app shows the new keyboard on all stock, and most third-party, apps on your device. Using the drawing-based input is really easy, and you can’t really go astray with it. Simply start drawing the word you want to enter, and the keyboard will come up with suggestions. The same happens for emoticons. To switch between Emoji and text input, use the button present in the bottom-right corner. If you want to bring up a word you drew earlier, use the bottom-left arrow icon.

Google Handwriting Input is very accurate in rendering words, and there can’t be a lot of criticism for it in this regard. The only area where the app needs improvement is its speed to accept input. Currently, it looks like the app takes some excess time before users can enter the next word. Once Google fixes this minor nuisance, and ensure that the entered words are converted to text quicker, we are sure a lot of users will switch to using Google Handwriting Input as their default keyboard.

While iPhone users are boasting about their multicultural Emoji, you can show them your hand-drawn ones. To do so right now, head to the link below and download the newly released Android app.

Install Google Handwriting Input From Play Store

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