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Google Chrome Gets Push Notifications On Android & Gestures On iOS

Android has lately started getting precedence in terms of updates from some major app developers like Instagram, whose last update was Android-first. While this trend is relatively new for third-party apps, Google has long tried to keep its own apps more advanced on Android. This time, however, a Google app has received a major update on both platforms almost simultaneously. Google Chrome has been updated with completely different features on Android and iOS, but both updates are cool in their own way. On Android, Chrome 42 intelligently monitors user activity to recommend sites that should be added to their phone’s home screen. It also shows push notifications from different websites. For iPhone users, the update brings gesture-based controls and improved auto-suggestions.

Chrome 42 Update On Android

Chrome 42 Android Add to Home Screen Chrome 42 Android Settings

The update brings a refreshed UI, which is the first thing you are likely to notice. It isn’t drastically different from its predecessor, there has been enough tinkering to make it noteworthy. The overall outlook is neater than it was previously.

When it comes to functionality, Chrome now offers smart suggestions to help users add useful and frequently visited websites to their Home screen. The suggestions are generated based on the number of times you visit the site during a week. Having said that, only those sites are suggested that are configured as web apps and will behave nicely when pinned to your Android’s Home screen.

Chrome 42 Android Notifications

When it comes to notifications, users retain the choice to turn them off although the option is turned on by default. Basically, website developers are supposed to configure these notifications on their websites, and Chrome 42 just enables them to push these alerts like they would show up within an app.

The update can be downloaded for Android by heading to following link.

Install Google Chrome 42 From Play Store

 Chrome 42 On iOS

Chrome 42 iOS Home Chrome 42 iOS Predictive Answers

The iPhone version of Chrome 42 doesn’t offer in-app notifications, but it has its own perks. On iOS, the browser preempts answers, rather than merely completing your questions for you. Imagine you are typing “Capital of Texas”. Before you finish, the browser might display “Austin” among the suggested results.

Predictive answers aren’t all this update brings to the mix. Chrome can now also tap into your password-saving apps to save you from the hassle of entering passwords manually. Last, but certainly not the least, Chrome 42 on iOS supports more enhanced gesture control. You can pull on a tab to refresh it, while swiping to the side can close it with ease.

The update is really good, though not a huge one. Follow the below link and give the latest version of Google’s own web browser a try on your iPhone or iPad.

Install Google Chrome 42 From iOS App Store

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