Get WhatsApp Quick Reply On iPhone [Cydia Tweak]

As expected, we have seen a lot of Cydia tweaks published to the jailbreak store since TaiG 2.0 got released. While some tweaks have come up with mere updates making them compatible with iOS 8, there are a lot of completely new releases as well. The idea of having WhatsApp quick reply on smartphones is not a new one. A lot of apps and mods on Android have been allowing users to do this for a long time. Even on iOS, there have been a few buggy attempts at bringing the feature to WhatsApp. The newly released WAQuickReply though, does a pretty good job of offering WhatsApp quick reply in a very refined manner. With this Cydia tweak you won’t have to launch WhatsApp every time you want to respond to a new message. Simply interact with the message notification and type away!

Once iOS 9 is released, it is expected to have WhatsApp quick reply and similar functionality for other messaging apps. For now though, WAQuickReply offers good enough alternative. Not only does the tweak let users respond through messages from notifications, it is also useful if you want to read full messages without sending a read receipt. We’ll come back to that in a bit though.

WhatsApp Quick Reply Tweak WhatsApp Quick Reply Notification

Once WAQuickReply has been installed to your iPhone, you don’t have to do much to configure it. The tweak is enabled by default, and you will see the WhatsApp quick reply option whenever you get your next message. The overall look of the notification is changed a little as well. To summon the quick reply text box, swipe to the left on any notification. You can choose to dismiss the message alert, or use it to type a reply. The feature works both on the lock screen and inside the Notification Center. Even if your lock screen is password protected, the WhatsApp quick reply feature remains functional. Of course, your regular WhatsApp notifications won’t show up unless WAQuickReply is uninstalled or disabled. If for some reason your reply fails to deliver in the first attempt, WAQuickReply presents an option to resend it.

All messages that you respond to via the tweak aren’t marked as read inside WhatsApp even if you have the read receipt feature turned on. This means you can view others’ activity status without having to reveal yours.

WAQuickReply is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. You will need to shell out $2.99 to get your hands on the tweak.

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