Get The Windows 7 Look For The Windows 10 Start Menu

The Windows 10 Start menu offers a combination of features from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Microsoft seems to still remember the furor caused by the omission of the Start menu in Windows 8, which is why the Windows 10 start menu is very detailed. Not only does the menu has integration with Cortana, you get to see all your installed apps and other important locations in the system through it as well. Owing to this critical role of the menu in Windows, people have been paying close attention to Start. There are tips out there to bring the Aero effect back to Windows 10 Start menu, which just highlights the importance attached by users to the menu. If you want to customize the Windows 10 Start menu even more, you can check the new Start10 app out. It brings back the Windows 7 Start, and comes with a boatload of other personalization options.

Start10 is a new release, but you might be familiar with its predecessor Start8. Both apps make an attempt at bringing the Windows 7 touch back to newer Windows updates.

Windows 7 Look for the Windows 10 Start menu

Installing the app is very simply. It comes in the form of a downloadable EXE file, and guides its users through the configuration steps after installation. You can change several aspects of the Windows 10 Start menu with Start10. It is possible to change the appearance, ordering, and functionality of the Start menu with simple options in the app’s menu. Start10 can even let you have the ability to perform searches within the Start menu. While a universal Search button is present in Windows 10, it is even more convenient to go through only the contents of the Start menu.

Windows 7 Look for the Windows 10 Start menu - Start10 Settings

There are two basic modes in Start10 when it comes to appearance. You can switch to the classic Windows 7 look, or enhance the default Windows 10 Modern look. No matter which option is selected, you get a bunch of customization options. It is possible to change the menu’s color and transparency level.

Start10 costs 4.99USD, but if you just want a 10 day trial, you can have it for free. For those who are always looking to personalize their computers, Start10 is a must-have as it combines customization with usability.

Install Start10 On Windows [$4.99 with a free 10 day trial]