Get Back Lock Screen Widgets On Lollipop With Notifidgets

A lot of people were left disappointed when lock screen widgets on Lollipop didn’t make the cut with the update. Widgets had been an integral part of Android prior to Lollipop,. I recall a lot of Android users boasting to iPhone fans about widgets being the coolest part of their OS. Having said that, no matter how many people like lock screen widgets, there will always be those who think that these extensions kill the whole point of having a lock screen. With widgets, your privacy and the device’s security might be compromised. If you belong to the first camp though, and really want to get back lock screen widgets on Lollipop, the choice is now yours thanks to a new app named Notifidgets.

Notifidgets is currently in its initial stages of development, and you might encounter some bugs along the way. The app adds static notifications to the Notification Area, but you can still add multiple widgets and they can be viewed by swiping through the widgets area.

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Once installed, you can add any widget from a number of supported ones to your Notifications draw. As admitted by the developers themselves, Notifidgets works better with some widgets as compared to others. The main restriction in Notifidgets currently is the app’s inability to display multiple lock screen widgets on Lollipop side-by-side. It only occupies one slot in the Notifications area. However, the available widgets aren’t all completely static. You can interact with some of them, like when you want to reply to a message or email without opening the actual app it belongs to. Widgets can also be expanded using the pinch gesture.

It must be remembered that Notifidgets doesn’t bypass the lock screen in any way. You will have to enable the Notifications Area on the lock screen in order to get the most out of this app.

Notifidgets is a free app initially, but after using it on trial mode for 7 days you will have to make an in-app purchase of $0.99. This is a one-time purchase, and will give you access to the app indefinitely.

Install Notifidgets From Google Play Store

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  • Hmm, Google Play says: “Sorry! This content is not available in your country yet.”. But all I really want is to get LARGE clock on my lockscreen. Larger than default Android’s or HTC Sense. I guess, will have to wait for HTC Sense UI 7 with themes on my phone..

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