FPse: Feature-rich Android PlayStation Emulator

PlayStation really was the most prized possession of many children of the previous generation. The gaming console incorporated the best technology of its day and age. The graphics were pretty good, the game play was engaging and there was a good amount of customization on offer as well. While the world has moved on to Xbox and newer PS models, most people are sure to have a blast of nostalgia whenever they run into Tekken 3, Final Fantasy, or Tomb Raider. If you don’t have your PlayStation anymore, it is always possible to try out an emulator. There are plenty of emulators available for computers, but nothing beats having your favorite games in the palm of your hand. FPse is an Android PlayStation emulator that boasts support for any PS1 game whose ISO file is owned by you. The app comes with a lot of customization options, and offers very refined graphics as well.

The popular Windows 10 bug preventing users from playing games in full screen mode has demonstrated that it is important to have a good viewing experience to enjoy any game. FPse runs in full screen mode, and puts special focus on graphics, unlike some other Android PlayStation emulator apps. It supports cheat codes, is flexible in terms of handling game image types, and has well-defined control options.

FPse Android PlayStation Emulator - Load Screen

Let’s start from its installation though. The app automatically scans your device’s memory card every time you launch it. If you have a compatible PS image available, the Android PlayStation emulator will load it. All available games are displayed on the main FPse screen. Of course, you will need to extract ISO images of all PlayStation games you own before it is possible to put them on the phone’s SD card.

FPse Android PlayStation Emulator - Game

When you tap any loaded game’s icon, FPse begins playing it. You get a lot of settings, but even if you continue with defaults, the emulator is good enough. The controls are semi-transparent, and for some games you can even call upon touch controls.

FPse Android PlayStation Emulator - Menu FPse Android PlayStation Emulator - Settings

If you bring up the settings offered in the Android PlayStation emulator, it is possible saving progress of your ROMs. Controls can be altered, and there is also the option of tinkering with the¬†boot time. One of the best features of FPse is its multiplayer mode. You can compete against friends over LAN, or via the app’s own interlinked control options.

FPse does cost $3.99, which might sound a bit steep. However, it must be remembered that there are many games that cost more than this. The emulator is capable of playing as many games as you own, which certainly makes the spending worthwhile.

Download FPse From Google Play Store [$3.99]