Fix The Chrome RAM Hog Issue With The Great Suspender

Google Chrome has been a favorite among the tech community for quite some time now. Lately though, it has garnered some notoriety for being a memory hog. Benchmark tests have repeatedly shown that Chrome consumes a significant portion of your system’s RAM, which isn’t proportional with the browser’s actual requirements. The Great Suspender is a new extension that aims to rectify this problem. The extension suspends inactive tabs to fix the Chrome RAM hog issue quite effectively. There are a bunch of options on offer as well, allowing users to have full control over The Great Suspender.

Installing Suspender to Chrome is pretty easy, and you won’t have any trouble doing so if you read our post on the Data Saver extension. Once installed, the extension adds an icon of its own to Chrome’s top-right corner, as well as a detailed Settings menu.

Fix the Chrome RAM Hog - Settings

From the settings tab of The Great Suspender, users can configure it pretty thoroughly. The extension generally works automatically, and freezes tabs that remain inactive for a predefined amount of time. This time period can be customized as needed. If you want to manually intervene in this suspension process though, it can be done using some keyboard shortcuts. By default, CTRL+SHIFT+S suspends a tab, while CTRL+SHIFT+U reloads it.

To ensure that Suspender can fix the Chrome RAM hog issue without disturbing your routine tasks, the extension comes with a Whitelist, and the option to avoid suspensions on pages where information is unsaved. You can also choose to temporarily disable The Great Suspender if your computer has ample battery or isn’t connected to the internet.

Fix the Chrome RAM Hog - Options

If you aren’t a big fan of keyboard shortcuts, there is always the possibility to suspend a Chrome tab by hitting the extension’s icon from the browser’s top bar. You can freeze or unfreeze any tab with a single click. This menu also houses the option to add a website to the Whitelist quickly.

Fix the Chrome RAM Hog - Suspended Tab

Once a tab has been suspended, your browser will retain nothing but its URL. The page will be refreshed when you hit the reload button from the suspension screen. Of course, The Great Suspender doesn’t freeze any pages that are active, or have been active during the monitoring period.

Suspender is a free extension, which works to fix the Chrome RAM hog issue quite effectively. Do give it a try, as we have nothing but admiration for this new release.

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