Facebook Hello: Call Block & Dialer App With A Social Twist [Android]

The introduction of the WhatsApp voice calling feature is sure to lead to a quick decline in the number of old-fashioned calls made by smartphone users. Having said that, phone calls remain a very important and frequently used part of our lives. Maybe just to underline this factor, Facebook has launched a new dialing app for Android users. Facebook Hello lets you block unwanted calls (that too intelligently), extracts contact numbers of your Facebook friends and adds them to your address book, and has a very neat UI. The app has the potential to become the default dialer for a lot of Android users once they give it a shot, specially given the fact that stock dialing app doesn’t offer anything too flashy.Facebook Hello is feature-rich, yet easy to use. The app needs users to connect their Facebook account with the dialer before they can use it. This connection is used to match phone numbers with Facebook friends, so that your contact list remains updated with zero effort.

Facebook Hello Android ID Facebook Hello Android Block

While setting up Facebook Hello initially, the app shows some basic options. You can choose to toggle caller ID of new and unknown users, or allow blocking of commonly blocked numbers. The ‘commonly blocked numbers’ option is useful if you want to automatically make sure that cold-calling sales people or automated advertisers aren’t disturbing you frequently. Users might worry that this feature will lead to their missing some important calls, but the damage won’t be too much since Facebook Hello merely mutes blocked calls and you can always call people back at a later time.

Facebook Hello Android Call Log Facebook Hello Android Settings

Like most ordinary dialers, the Hello app comes with a call log and a dialpad. Both views carry Facebook’s familiar UI with a hint of Material Design. You can search for contacts within your log, or from the address book maintained by the app by combining your Facebook friends list and local contacts.

Facebook Hello Android Match Facebook Hello Android Match Info

The Facebook Hello dial screen might seem ordinary at first glance, but it comes with an awesome feature named contact matching. As soon you begin dialing, the app comes up with suggestion. These matches are both from the local phone-book and your Facebook friends list. If the app gets a match wrong, you can help it learn by pointing it to the right match for future reference.

Facebook Hello is a free app and is Android-exclusive, at least for now. Do give the app a shot and try using it as your default dialer for a few days.

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