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Duet Display: Use iPhone Or iPad As A Windows Display

Using multiple monitors for computers is becoming increasingly popular among graphic designers, developers, and gamers. Even if you aren’t really a power user, it is always nice to have a way of expanding your viewing area. For those looking just to experiment with multiple displays though, Duet Display might be the perfect option. The app is available for iOS, and has gained fame for turning iPhone or iPad into a secondary monitor for Mac. However, it is not an uncommon combination these days to own a Windows PC and an iOS device, which is why Duet Display has made the move to Microsoft’s desktop OS. With Duet Display’s latest update, it is finally possible to use an iPhone or iPad as a Windows display. All it takes is an iOS data cable, and your Windows display is projected on the iDevice with ease.

As you would expect, Duet Display needs users to install a desktop client before they can use their iPad as a Windows display. The same holds true for Mac devices. This desktop companion app is available for free, and can be downloaded from the link provided at the end of this post.

iPad As A Windows Display With Duet Display

To get the display running, open the PC application of Duet Display. Once you have done that, you don’t really need to do too much in terms of configuration. Keep the desktop companion running, and launch the Duet Display app on your iPad. As per the onscreen instructions, connect your iDevice with the Windows machine. Once the connection is established, the contents of your computer should start showing up on your iPad (or iPhone).

The overall performance of Duet Display is pretty good. When you are using your iPad as a Windows display, you won’t notice any lag. The display works at 60FPS, and isn’t affected by external factors. The fact that the app isn’t reliant on WiFi or data connections makes Duet Display very stable.

Usually you will have to dish out 16 bucks to get your hands on Duet Display, but to celebrate its latest update the app is offering a 40% discount for a short period of time. Give it a go, and start using your iPad as a Windows display! The results make the purchase totally worthwhile.

Install Duet Display From iOS App Store (Usually $15.99, but available for $9.99 today)

Download Duet Display For PC or Mac (Free)

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